Friday, September 14, 2012

Art Friday #1

I decided during the summer to teach a more focused art curriculum to the pre-k set this year so every Friday we do Art Class. I found this awesome blog:

and purchased Dani's pdf of her simple and fun Introduction to Art for Preschoolers. Our first art element is color.

I showed the preschoolers some colorful works of art by Brazilian-American artist Romero Britto. They were intrigued by his use of color, shape and subject.

We talked about the primary colors: red, yellow, blue and they watched as I used my "magic" paintbrush to mix and change the colors. Of course, these kids are too smart for me and knew that the colors mix already...

We created symmetrical paintings by using only red, yellow, and blue paint, then observing how these colors mix as we used brushes or simply pressed the paper and opened it. We had a bit of over-mixing and some brown results, but most of the kids listened well to directions and tried to keep the mixing to a minimum so the colors and changes would show through. Here are some results:

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