Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Manners Moose and Rude-y Rhino

Two of our favorite hand puppets at school are Manners Moose and Rude-y Rhino.
The kids love helping Rude-y learn to talk more appropriately and kindly and to follow the rules at school. This simple craft let them create their own stick puppets to take home.
I created simple drawings of the puppets and printed them on cardstock with their names printed below. I pre-cut them this time.
Each child colored their puppet with crayons. Some of them wanted to copy my example and others did their own thing.
They stuck them on pre-glue-dotted craft sticks with their name labels on the back. The entire craft time took about 15 minutes with washing hands after for lunch. I heard quite a few funny conversations between the two puppets!

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