Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Rainbow Fish

One of my favorite books about sharing and friendship is The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister. The fish learns that by giving away his most prized possessions, he gains happiness and a circle of friends. Being beautiful and lonely is no way to live!

We created our own rainbow fish with these .
For each child:
  • a fish cut-out (I printed them on blue cardstock and pre-cut)
  • tissue paper circles/10-20 per student (ovals or semi-circles would also be nice)
  • one silvery scale
  • large googly-eye
  • glue
  • optional: silver and gold crayon for markings on fins, tail and gold lips.
This craft was simple enough for all the kids to do very independently (some help with glue), but also fun and exciting to them to create this character. The story is simple and they get the meaning right away. Sharing is good!


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